Friendship Poem - Angel Poem

Inspirational Friendship Poem

Expressing a friend is an angel with out wings.   Sometimes, saying "Thank You" is not enough to express a friendship.  At times, I find it difficult to find the right words.  But, at the kindness and heaven like action of my dear friend, I was inspired to write this poem, "Angels Are Friends" So, just remember, a friend can be that angel with out wings.


"Angels Are Friends"

Angels are all around me
Some I cannot see
Always near or by my side
Gently helping to be my guide.

When life's obstacles get in my way
Arms reach out to push them away.
As the tears roll down my face
An Angel is here with a warm embrace.

For the times I cannot endure
Rest at ease for I have a cure
The heavens above, so kindly sends,
No need for wings, my "Angels Are Friends"

©2000 RenéeV. all rights reserved